Automatic Soap Dispenser - Touchless Dispenser for foam Soap, Detergent & Sanitizer

$49.00 NZD


You can never be too clean. This touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is so stylish, so elegant, and so efficient, it'll bring you straight to the liquid of your choice without even having to touch it (so, no need to smudge that gorgeous fingerprint-resistant surface).

In 0.25 seconds, you'll receive the liquid with no germs or smudges left behind on the receptacle. The skid-resistant base of the hand sanitizer automatic dispenser makes it great bathroom countertop soap dispensers - or for use on any slippery surface.

It charges through 4 x AAA batteries. Keep the automatic foam sanitizer dispenser in the cup holder for easy and convenient sanitizing - without ever having to take your eyes off the road. It works well in offices too, and places with high foot traffic like restaurants and bars.


✔ (1) Automatic Liquid Dispenser


✔ Materials: Metal Surface, ABS Plastic

✔ Size: 8.18" x 3.93" x 2.95" Inches

✔ Volume: 250ml / 8.45 OZ

✔ Color: White & Gold or Green & Gold


It's so easy to use this electric soap dispenser. Put foam sanitizer or foam alcohol for hygiene on-the-go; dissolve your detergent on water and you can also use it for the kitchen sink; or liquid soap for the bathroom. Since the touchless hand soap dispenser is motion sensor activated, you won't worry about getting germs on this surface!

The transparent window alert you when the hand sanitizer stations need refilling. To refill, hold still the top part and turn the bottom part clockwise, remove the lid and top it up. Furthermore, the apparatus is anti-drip. You waste less liquid this way.

  • SLEEK MODERN DESIGN: This automatic soap dispenser comes in White/Gold & Green/Gold. Polished lines and fingerprint resistant material lend themselves to an elegant and contemporary hand sanitizer station - a blend of form and function.
  • MAKES LIFE EFFICIENT: The skid-resistant base of the touch free soap dispenser makes it a cool dishwashing liquid dispenser for kitchen - or a no touch soap dispenser for a slippery bathroom countertop. Four AAA batteries are needed.
  • HOLDS FOAM LIQUIDS: Install this hands free hand sanitizer dispenser wherever you like. In your car, at the kitchen sink for detergent (if the detergent is not foam liquid, please dissolve the detergent on water), in the bathroom for hand soap, in the office for hand sanitizer. Keep your hands clean wherever you are.
  • EASY CLEANING AND REFILLING: The transparent detail at the bottom inform you when the hands free sanitizer dispenser needs refilling. Simply hold still the top part and turn the bottom part clockwise, remove the lid and top it up.
  • DISPENSE WITH RAPIDITY: The hand sanitizer dispenser takes 0.25 seconds to dispense. The anti-drip function minimizes wastage. You receive the perfect quantity of liquid quickly and efficiently.

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