Social Responsibility


Our team takes its ethical and social responsibilities to our suppliers & the environment seriously. All shoes & accessories are made/imported from Brazilian & Italian factories that abide by strict rules and regulations, allowing workers appropriate conditions of work and payment for their work.

This ensures that our supply chain works in accordance with our moral, ethical and legal standards. We expect employers to maintain a clean, safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. These suppliers need to ensure that staff have access to clean drinking water, sanitary washing facilities and an adequate number of toilets, fire extinguishers and fire exits and that workplaces provide ample lighting and ventilation.

We have supported programs that take care of our environment since 2019 and have worked to help raise funds and awareness. We provide electronic receipts that can be sent either by email or sms in order to reduce paper usage. We also chose to be an environment business friendly by using recyclable paper bags &  decomposable courier boxes for our online deliveries.